RCity Cheat Guide

rcity cheat

Setting up your R.City

First, all you need to do is design your R.City cheat. And consider where will you place the free items for beginners, includes: the cheapest stove, three tables and chairs. Manage this given hack to start your R.City Life. When you earn more coins and point to the higher levels, start designing your R.City cheat with cool stuffs like elegant decorations, deluxe chairs and tables, doors, walls, fireplaces, garden. You can even design outside of your house, roofs, walls, doors. Apply your best strategy to earn lot more coins.

Dress your Character up
After getting started to your house, You will go to "customize screen" of your character where you can change the appearance of your avatar like changing avatar facial expressions, clothes, hack color of skin and hair color. Customizing your character doesn't affect your game. You have a lot of controls and funny things to do in this game. Remember Play-fish is the developer of this game cheat.
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